Zoomlock Copper Elbow 7/8"

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Zoomlock Copper Elbow 7/8"

ZoomLock® flame-free refrigerant fittings are specially designed to work without brazing, which automatically makes your job simpler and faster when joining copper tubes

Professionals who have tried ZoomLock flame-free refrigerant fittings report their time and labor costs on tube connections are typically reduced 60% on average by eliminating the need for brazing. The biggest benefits are more productivity and increased profit, but there are also many other exciting advantages to flame-free tube connecting.

The ZoomLock flame-free fittings technology is patented and manufactured in the USA by RLS LLC, a Marmon Berkshire-Hathaway company. RLS LLC leverages over 100 years of copper forming experience with its sister-division Cerro Flow Products.


  • For HVAC/R up to 700 psi
  • Huge labor and time savings
  • Less equipment required
  • Safer conditions no fire hazards
  • No hot-work permits
  • No need to nitrogen-purge
  • More flexible access to job sites

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Zoomlock Copper Elbow 7/8"

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