BD Safe Seal Hoses 60"RBY 5/16"x5/16"

: PROBD23535SS



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“One-touch” design. Turning the knob first tightens the fitting onto the port. Once the connection is secured, turning the same knob moves the internal core depressor to activate the refrigerant flow from the system.
Like wise for disconnection, first the core depressor backseats to stop refrigerant flow, then the fitting is disconnected from the port. This ensures minimal refrigerant loss.
Swivel sleeve prevents the fitting from coming loose when the hose is moved.
These features ensure users’ safety, and are more efficient to use.

Newly Designed Patented Hose Fittings

Easy to connect
With the newly designed knobs on the fittings, it will be very easy to screw the fittings onto any system.

Swivel freely
The design of the fittings enables the hoses to swivel 360 degrees freely.

Fittings Stay Tightly connected
The swivel design also makes sure that the fittings will not come loose from the system when the hoses are twisted during operation

Easy to disconnect
When the hoses are connected to the system and with pressure in the system are higher with the new gas, it is very difficult to disconnect the fittings under high pressure. With the newly designed knobs on the fittings, it is very easy to disconnect. Also, because the knobs make disconnecting easier; therefore, there are less Freon lost during the disconnection process.

No More Finger Burn
When disconnecting fittings from the system, Freon will come out of hose connector. In this situation, freezing Freon usually causes fingers to burn. With the newly designed fittings, the position where users place their fingers is far from where the Freon leaks. Therefore, no more finger burns.

Hose Capacity:
Working Pressure: 800 Psi
Bursting Pressure: 4000 Psi
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BD Safe Seal Hoses 60"RBY 5/16"x5/16"

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