Totaline Refrigeration Guide [pdf: 20mb]

Refrigeration/Coolroom Hardware

CRH Coolroom Hardware [pdf: 3.9mb]

Consumables and Chemicals

Totaline Chemical Catalogue 2016 [pdf: 4mb]

Cabinet Coolers

Totaline Evaporator Cabinet Coolers [pdf: 4mb]

Tubes and Fittings

Air Conditioners

Toshiba Inverter Hi-Wall Split Systems [pdf: 1mb]
Carrier Fixed Speed Ducted Air Conditioners [pdf: 324kb]
Carrier High Static Inverter Ducted Air Conditioners [pdf: 3mb]
Carrier Slimline Inverter Ducted Air Conditioners [pdf: 3mb]
Toshiba High Static Ducted Systems [pdf: 1mb]
Toshiba Super Digital Inverter Standard Ducted Systems [pdf: 1mb]
Carrier Digital Inverter 4 Way Cassette Systems [pdf: 535kb]

System Components

Sporlan J8 Thermostatic Expansion Valve [pdf: 1mb]
Parker 7V Series Solenoid Valves [pdf: 1mb]
Leopard Fans Inline Mixed Flow Fans [pdf: 700kb]

Compressors & Condensing Units

Emerson Copeland Scroll IZSI Indoor Condensing Unit [pdf: 4mb]
Emerson Copeland Condensing Unit [pdf: 2mb]
Emerson ZB Scroll Compressor Product Manual [pdf: 6.8mb]
Emerson ZP Copeland Scroll™ Compressor Range for R410A [pdf: 77kb]
Emerson ZR Copeland Scroll™ Compressor Range for R407C and R134a [pdf: 144kb]
Emerson Copeland CF/CS Compressors [pdf: 787kb]
Emerson Copeland Semi-Hermetic Compressors Discus, K, L&S-Series [pdf: 4mb]
Totaline Airef Condensing Unit [pdf: 2mb]

Refrigerants, Oils & Gases

A-Gas Safety Data Sheets

Evaporators & Condensers

Totaline Evaporator E2 Series (Medium & Low Temperature Models) [pdf: 3mb]


Testo Electrical Testers [pdf: 4mb]
Testo Digital Manifold [pdf: 285kb]
Testo Smart Probes Overview [pdf: 4mb]
Testo Smart Probes FAQ [pdf: 1.2mb]

Installation Requirements


Actron Controls B75H Temeprature Control for Hotels [pdf: 161kb]
D3 Electronic Defrost Controller [pdf: 286kb]
D7 Electronic Condenser Management System[pdf: 113kb]
Actron Controls SS9 Single Phase Soft Starter [pdf: 5mb]

Package Refrigeration Systems

EIDIS Refrigeration Drop-in, Slide-in, Low-Profile Packaged Refrigeration Units [pdf: 1mb]


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