Totaline Environmentally Sound Coil Cleaner (Indoor + Outdoor)

  • Evaporator AND Condenser Coil Cleaner
  • Carrier Recommended (DSB12-0030) for Aluminium Coil
  • No expanding foam action—attacks only dirt build-up, not metal
  • Self-rinsing on evaporator coils
  • Condenser: Dilute with 4 parts water
  • Evaporators: Dilute with 8 parts water
  • Approved for use on E-Coated coils
  • No acid, no butyl ether, no phosphates, no potassium hydroxide, no sodium hydroxide.
  • Odourless & non-combustible

Safely cleans both evaporator and condenser coils without potential damage to equipment, personnel or the environment. Unlike strong acid or highly alkaline cleaners that actually eat away a thin layer of aluminium to remove contamination, it attacks only the dirt build up and leaves metal surfaces clean and free of corrosion.

P902-0301 3.8L (1 Gal)