R438A (Freon™/Isceon MO99)

R438A (Freon™/Isceon MO99) is a HFC blend, used as a replacement for R22 in domestic, industrial and commercial air conditioning systems. It is also a retrofit replacement for R22 in low and medium temperature refrigeration systems and DX chiller systems. The manufacturer of the refrigerant recommends the use of the product in the following applications: Commercial air conditioning, roof top units, indoor packaged units, DX chillers, split systems, Residential Air Conditioning, Refrigeration (low and medium Temperature).

Product Features & Benefits

  • Substitute for R22
  • Zeotropic refrigerant blend containing R32, R125, R134a, Butane and Ipentane
  • Refrigerant must be charged from the liquid phase to ensure accurate composition
  • A‑Gas refrigerant cylinders have dual port valves, making liquid offtake easier
  • Non-flammable with a safety classification of A1
  • Compressors can be charged with most current oils but polyolester oil is preferred, contact the compressor manufacturer for more information
  • Lowest Global Warming Potential (GWP) of Isceon range
  • Product Codes
Refrigerant R438A (MO99)
Part No. Description
# Refrigerant R438A
# Refrigerant R438A
# Refrigerant R438A