R134a Refrigerant

R134a is a HFC, used in automotive air conditioning and as a replacement for R12 and R22 in medium and high temperature refrigeration applications, such as commercial and domestic refrigeration and chillers.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Substitute for R12, with comparable physical and thermodynamic properties
  • Refrigerant can be charged from either the liquid or vapour phase
  • A‑Gas refrigerant cylinders have dual port valves, making liquid offtake easier
  • Non-flammable with a safety classification of A1
  • Compressors must be charged with polyolester oils, contact the compressor manufacturer for more information
  • Reduction of capacity compared to R12
  • Existing R12 equipment can be retrofitted with R134a
  • High critical temperature which ensures good coefficient of performance
  • Product Codes
Refrigerant R134A
Part No. Description
0134012 Refrigerant R134a 12KG Cylinder
0134022 Refrigerant R134a 22KG Cylinder
0134065 Refrigerant R134a 65KG Cylinder