Armaflex Fire Rated Insulation – 1″ wall

Insulation designed for heated and cold water services, heating systems, chilled water lines, and refrigerant pipes, Armaflex® FRV is available as both pre-formed pipe sections and flat sheet. It is tested and certified to the fire performance standards required by Australia's National Construction Code and the New Zealand Building Code for use in commercial buildings and multi-residential construction.

Armaflex® FRV is compliant with AS/NZS 4859.1 and FM Approved.

Designed to deliver high levels of fire performance, Armaflex® FRV pipe insulation is tested to the US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 274. This standard is a full-scale fire test that simulates one of the most severe conditions in a building: a fire involving multiple insulated pipes in a confined vertical space. NFPA 274 is a pipe chase test, simulating services contained in a vertical riser shaft. Armaflex® FRV passes all recommended acceptance criteria for NFPA 274. It also passes the more stringent acceptance criteria in the US Uniform Mechanical Code (IAPMO/ANSI UMC 1-2009) for regulation of pipe insulation.

Key features

  • Complies with National Construction Code (NCC)
  • Complies with AS/NZS 4859.1 insulation standard
  • Fire tested for vertical pipe chases to NFPA274
  • FM Approved
  • Low thermal conductivity: λ23°C ≤ 0.035 W/(m ∙ K)
  • High resistence to water vapour
  • Meets GBCA Green Star Insulant ODP requirements
  • Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD): Declaration number 4786944121.101.1, UL Environment
  • Specifications
1″ Wall
Part No Wall Size Inside diameter R – Value Length Carton Qty
Imperial Metric Imperial Metric
IFVAA25010000 1” 25mm 3/8″ 10mm 1.5 2M 30
IFVAA25012000 1” 25mm 1/2″ 12mm 1.4 2M 25
IFVAA25015000 1” 25mm 5/8″ 15mm 1.3 2M 25
IFVAA25020000 1” 25mm 3/4″ 19mm 1.2 2M 20
IFVAA25022000 1” 25mm 7/8″ 22mm 1.2 2M 20
IFVAA25025000 1” 25mm 1″ 25mm 1.1 2M 20
IFVAA25028000 1” 25mm 1 1/8″ 28mm 1.1 2M 16
IFVAA25035000 1” 25mm 1 3/8″ 35mm 1.1 2M 16
IFVAA25042000 1” 25mm 1 5/8″ 42mm 1.0 2M 12
IFVAA25054000 1” 25mm 2 1/8” 54mm 0.9 2M 9