Actron Control D3 Defrost Control

  • Stand alone micro controlled management board for condensors
  • Modern retrofit management board for A/C

The D3 Defrost controller simple to use stand-alone De-ice Controller.

The D3 Defrost control is also the ideal replacement for many of the old style mechanical or electronic defrost controls that have failed and cannot be repaired due to age or availability. By keeping the same Din rail mounting footprint and wiring as the electronic defrost controls is no need to rewire or rearrange the electrical panels of the condenser saving the installer labour time.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Din rail mounting (H 54mm x L 79mm x W 78mm)
  • 2 mtr double insulated coil sensor
  • 10A Relay
  • Test mode
  • Adjustable run times
  • De-ice initiation temperature: -5.0°C
  • De-ice termination: 10 minutes or +10.0 ° C whichever happens first
  • De-ice confirm time: 3 minutes
  • De-ice time: 10 minutes (maximum)
  • De-ice pending time selectable: 20, 30, 40, 60, 90 minutes (20 minutes as defaults if no selection)
  • Operation mode selectable: “RUN” or “TEST” (“RUN” as default)
  • Heat call signal: 230Vac +/ – 10%, 50Hz
  • Operation indication: Four coloured LEDs (“HEAT”, “DEICE”, “TERM”, “ INIT” )
  • Maximum switching capacity: Power consumption Approx 0.3VA ~ 0.7VA at rated voltage
  • Power consumption: Approx 0.3VA ~ 0.7VA at rated voltage
  • Ambient temperature & humidity: Operation: – 10°C to 50°C, 10% to 85% non condensing